En person på cykel som kollar ut över solnedgången, med utsikt på Öresundsbron.

A regional infrastructure investment

MAXIMA - A wastewater treatment system

Southwestern Skåne is growing, and our wastewater infrastructure has not kept pace. There is an urgent need to expand and modernise it in several municipalities. This is why VA SYD is helping provide a regional solution – the MAXIMA wastewater treatment system. 

The MAXIMA infrastructure investment is a shared regional solution for sustainable, robust wastewater treatment for the future. A new Sjölunda wastewater treatment plant forms the hub of the wastewater treatment system and will receive and treat wastewater from the municipalities of Burlöv, Lomma, Lund and Malmö. The Sjölunda wastewater treatment plant will also, as before, treat wastewater from Hjärup in Staffanstorp municipality and Bara and Klågerup in Svedala municipality.

This is MAXIMA

The MAXIMA wastewater treatment system includes a new Sjölunda wastewater treatment plant on the outskirts of Malmö next to the Öresund with new outlet pipes into the Öresund, a large new pumping station at Sjölunda, a wastewater tunnel beneath Malmö, and a northern wastewater tunnel connection for the municipalities Burlöv, Lomma and Lund. The northern wastewater tunnel will also connect Hjärup, in the municipality of Staffanstorp, to the Sjölunda wastewater treatment plant. Existing wastewater transfer pipes will connect the wastewater from Bara and Klågerup, in the municipality of Svedala, to the wastewater tunnel beneath Malmö. 

MAXIMA enables more people to live and work in the region. With this infrastructure investment, we are addressing the challenges of rapid population growth, climate change and an outdated wastewater system. 

The benefits of a shared solution 

Expansion and modernisation involve high costs and advanced technologies that require new skills. It would be difficult for a municipality to do it itself. Water knows no municipal boundaries and with a shared wastewater treatment system we generate more benefit at a lower cost.    

To allow the community to understand in what ways the infrastructure investment creates benefits and meets needs, VA SYD has formulated and decided on five benefits that drive the planning of the regional wastewater treatment system. Read more about the benefits here.


This is a collection of frequently answered questions about the planned MAXIMA wastewater treatment system.