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Programme organisation

Together - for peace of mind progress

Those of us who work on the wastewater treatment system are organised as a programme organisation within VA SYD. The programme design creates the conditions necessary for an infrastructure investment of this size to deliver the right quality at the right time. 

The programme organisation works according to a shared programme plan. This means clear plans, strategies and procedures, organised in an operational system, which create a shared way of working. The operational system allows the programme organisation to follow the basic plan for time, budget and quality. Continuous monitoring, risk analyses and action plans based on a defined structure provide peace of mind and ensure that there is no deviation from the set course. 

Programme management

A chief executive, a programme director and an engineering director make up the programme management team. The chief executive reports to the CEO and to the municipalities via both politicians and civil servants. The programme director manages a number of projects and support functions. The engineering director builds an organisation to assure the quality of a future handover from the programme organisation to VA SYD’s line organisation. The programme director and the engineering director report to the chief executive. 

Specifiers of requirements and beneficiaries

VA SYD’s line organisation specifies the requirements for the new wastewater treatment system. The programme organisation should therefore place great emphasis on collaboration and planning with the line organisation from start to handover. The right conditions for this are created with an engineering section in which employees in existing operations are supported by new resources and specialist skills. This is to make it possible to both manage current operations and participate in the planning of a new plant. 

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