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Do you want to be part of building MAXIMA?

We are building one of the region’s biggest infrastructure investments of our time. This will create new and exciting business opportunities in southern Sweden. In order to strengthen our programme organisation we will be looking for many different competences as well as top contractors who want to join us in building the new wastewater treatment system.  

VA SYD’s legal framework include the Public Procurement Act (LOU) and the Act on Procurement in the Utilities Sector (LUF).

Ongoing procurements are published on the procurement system Mercell Tendsign. You need an account to submit your offer. We also use dynamic purchasing system (DIS), which is open for applications from suppliers during the entire period a DIS is running. When a purchase arises applicable to a DIS, affiliated suppliers will be subjected to competitive exposure. It is voluntary for the suppliers to submit an offer.

Over the coming years, MAXIMA will create exciting opportunities for VA SYD – and your career.

Join us!

Meeting the water and sanitation needs of everyone in southern Sweden is a massive undertaking and we can’t do it on our own. We want to join forces with the world’s top suppliers to produce a sustainable, modern, and robust wastewater system. Do you want to be part of building MAXIMA and a sustainable future in southern Sweden?

View ongoing procurements for VA SYD och MAXIMA

Future need of competences

Keep an eye out for our upcoming procurements and vacant positions. Our programme organisation is growing and we foresee a need to strengthen our organisation with for example project engineers, design managers, technical managers, and technical specialist.

Contact us

Please contact us if you have any questions or wish to get in touch with the programme organisation:

Bild på Åsa Andersson, upphandlingsansvarig för MAXIMA

Åsa Andersson, Procurement Manager, MAXIMA

Contact Åsa

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