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Environmental permit

Application for an environmental permit

For the MAXIMA wastewater treatment system to become a reality, VA SYD must apply for a permit under Chapters 9 and 11 of the Environmental Code. The application for an environmental permit to build and operate the wastewater treatment system was submitted to the Land and Environment Court in May 2023.

Obtaining an environmental permit to build and operate the MAXIMA wastewater treatment system is an extensive process that includes several stages. After carrying out relevant studies and consultations with those affected, VA SYD has assessed and evaluated the environmental impact and developed proposals for conditions. The permit application has now been completed and submitted to the Land and Environment Court at Växjö District Court so as not to delay the timetable. 

Scope of the permit application

In short, VA SYD is seeking an environmental permit for this:

  • To obtain a permit with conditions for the discharge of treated wastewater from 650,000 population equivalents (a measure for the design of wastewater treatment plants) from a new Sjölunda wastewater treatment plant

  • To build a robust new Sjölunda wastewater treatment plant with new outlet pipes into the Öresund, a new pumping station at Sjölunda and a wastewater tunnel under Malmö

  • Discharge of groundwater, infiltration and other water activities such as works in the Öresund during the construction phase

  • Any permit required to operate in or near Natura 2000 sites.

About the judicial proceedings

Having your application reviewed by the Land and Environment Court is a process that can take around two years. The court starts by assessing whether the permit application needs additional information. Once the application is complete, the court initiates a consultation period by publishing a notice (advertisement) in the local press. During the consultation period, parties concerned, the general public, municipalities, the county administrative board and other public authorities are given access to the plans for MAXIMA and have the opportunity to comment on the case. VA SYD must respond to the comments received. Once the consultation period is over, the court holds a main hearing that is open to everyone. The hearing is likely to be held in Malmö.

Permit decision

When the hearing has been completed, the Land and Environment Court decides whether the activity may be carried out or not and the conditions that apply to the permit. The judgment may be appealed against to the Land and Environment Court of Appeal by you or others who are affected. The deadline for appeals is stated in the judgment.  

View the environmental permit application

You can view the application here. The application consists of a main document, the application document itself, which describes the activity applied for, and its appendices. The application documents are written i swedish.

The environmental permit application, Maj 2023

Application document 230530 VA SYD tillståndsansökan MAXIMA.pdf

Appendix A - Appendices of the application document Bilaga A1 Bilageförteckning.pdf Bilaga A2 Rådighetsmedgivande Kammarkollegiet.pdf Bilaga A3 Verksamhetskoder.pdf Bilaga A4 Underlag för bedömning av ersättning för brunnar.pdf Bilaga A5 Förteckning åtaganden.pdf

Appendix B - List of affected properties Bilaga B Förteckning över berörda.pdf

Appendix K - Environmental monitoring program Bilaga K Kontrollprogram.pdf

Appendix M - Environmental impact assessment Bilaga M Miljökonsekvensbeskrivning.pdf Bilaga M1 Samrådsredogörelse (1).pdf Bilaga M1 Samrådsredogörelse (2)_0.pdf Bilaga M1 Samrådsredogörelse (3).pdf Bilaga M1 Samrådsredogörelse (4).pdf Bilaga M2 Upptagningsområde och bräddningar.pdf Bilaga M3 Lokaliserings och alternativutredning.pdf Bilaga M4 Natur.pdf Bilaga M5 Hydrogeologi och riskexponerade objekt.pdf Bilaga M6 Recipientutredning Lommabukten.pdf Bilaga M7 Sedimentspridningsmodell.pdf Bilaga M8 Överskottsvatten.pdf Bilaga M10 Buller vibrationer och stomljud.pdf Bilaga M11 Kemikaliehantering.pdf Bilaga M12 Hydromorfologisk påverkan.pdf Bilaga M13 Masshantering.pdf Bilaga M14 Förteckning avfall Sjölunda ARV.pdf Bilaga M15 Berörda detaljplaner.pdf

Appendix R - List of drawings Bilaga R Ritningsförtecking.pdf

Appendix S - Interested party and list of properties Bilaga S Sakägare och fastighetsförteckning.pdf

Appendix T - Technical descriptions Bilaga T1 Teknisk Beskrivning Sjölunda ARV.pdf Bilaga T2 Teknisk beskrivning Utloppsledningar.pdf Bilaga T3 Teknisk beskrivning Tunnel.pdf