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Owners' decision to invest

Each municipality decides

Decisions to build a regional solution for our future wastewater treatment are made both within VA SYD and in each municipal council. 

VA SYD is an association of municipalities that is the authority responsible for water supply and wastewater operations and the owner of the public plants in the member municipalities of Burlöv, Eslöv, Lomma, Lund and Malmö. This means that the municipalities have handed over responsibility for water, wastewater and wastewater treatment plants to us.

With this responsibility, we at VA SYD have the opportunity to use our combined expertise and ability to not only think of solutions within each municipality, but also ensure that we create solutions that benefit the community, the region and the environment. A regional wastewater treatment system for the municipalities of Burlöv, Lomma, Malmö and Svedala (which is being offered membership) is one such comprehensive solution. Eslöv and Lund have decided to choose other solutions. 

Local influence through owner committees  

VA SYD’s association council is its highest political body. The association board is responsible for day-to-day operations, and the five owner committees, one for each member municipality, are responsible for maintaining local influence in the association’s activities. The programme management team meets them regularly to answer questions and to report on the status of current studies. Read more about VA SYD’s political organisation here

Regional cooperation groups 

As the new wastewater treatment system affects the whole region, good cooperation across municipal boundaries is required. Consequently, various working groups have been formed in which VA SYD, with civil servants from all member municipalities, meet regularly with the aim of recording views on the comprehensive solution. Dialogue allows us to reduce uncertainty and come closer to a solid agreement with each municipality. 

2023 - Ongoing decision phase 

Upcoming crucial decisions involve signing implementation agreements with the participating municipalities, a process that is ongoing during 2023. 

Previous major decisions


In autumn 2022, the municipal executive committees in Burlöv, Lomma, Malmö and Svedala decided that VA SYD would prepare documentation and apply for a permit under the Environmental Code (1998:808) and the Continental Shelf Act (1966:314).

On 31 March, Lund Municipal Council decided to abandon plans for a shared wastewater treatment system, and instead commission VA SYD to expand and modernise Källby wastewater treatment plant in Lund. The decision meant that there would be no wastewater tunnel from Lund to the Sjölunda wastewater treatment plant in Malmö.  This allowed VA SYD to plan and calculate a new scope for the MAXIMA wastewater treatment system. 


During the winter and spring, the municipalities of Burlöv, Lomma, Lund, Malmö and Svedala made a policy decision to continue participating in the planning of a regional wastewater treatment system. The municipalities also provided population forecasts up to 2045 to ensure that the new wastewater treatment system was properly dimensioned. 


The City of Malmö made a policy decision to build a wastewater tunnel beneath Malmö to the Sjölunda wastewater treatment plant. 


Lund Municipality made a policy decision to allow VA SYD to study a solution for the transfer of wastewater from Lund to Malmö and a new wastewater treatment plant at Sjölunda (which then meant the closure of Källby wastewater treatment plant).